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Anomus is a decentralized news system for the whole globe. It’s designed to restore fair, impartial, and balanced reporting to the media. It will allow anybody who wants to express their thoughts or publish industry- or theme-related insights to do so. Spam and false news may spread like wildfires if there are no restrictions on who can post. Anomus engineers have devised a simple but efficient technique to combat bogus news and spam.

It will be possible to upload news and articles from any address at first. Our auditors will verify and fact-check authors who post information that is factual and adheres to the Anomus values. There are incentives for publishers, so they will get a bonus.

Providing Support for ‘Soft’ Community Projects

There will also be a designated quarterly fund for Anomus token awards for members of the community, published authors, and organizations. Using a prioritized list method, the framework will be implemented.

Non-protocol development funding proposals will be submitted by community members. There are a broad variety of “soft initiative” funding proposals, including meme competitions, hackathons, and author-attraction efforts.

Funding requests must include a concise explanation of the activity, the needed money, a basic execution schedule, and a deadline for implementation no longer than two quarters.

As a consequence, long-term initiatives will no longer be difficult to evaluate. The Anomus community will have to approve numerous fundraising phases for all big campaigns.

Quarterly Community Budget

The Anomus platform will benefit from a dedicated budget for community projects and activities.

🤝Proposal submission

During the proposal period, anybody may request financing by filling out an application form. As a sign of good faith and honesty, the applicant will be required to put up 5–10% of the desired funds as a guarantee. Funds that have been staked will be locked until the community vote (if the proposal does not get Anomus financing) or implementation and accounting of the proposal are completed and verified (if the proposal is granted funding).

Priority-based allocation

Stakeholders in Anomus will vote by giving their own budgets to the concepts they like or believe are the most useful. This will be done individually. Priority votes from the community will be tallied and assessed once the voting session concludes to arrive at the final funding distribution.


Proposals that get financing must provide evidence of their execution, as well as a general accounting of the project’s progress. To evaluate the implementation and release of staked tokens, Anomus quality control auditors and specialists will evaluate proposals upon submission.

Anomus will be able to reward active ecosystem members for their efforts and finance initiatives that are useful to the content platform by applying this procedure on a repeating basis.

🔐 Security Audit by Anomus

Blockchain technology has always had a strong emphasis on security. As long as the user properly saves and controls private keys, the advantages of a secure protocol much outweigh the disadvantages of centralized custodial services.

However, smart contracts are still in the early stages of development and have yet to be widely used. As a consequence of mistakes or defects revealed in the coding of smart contracts, millions of dollars have been stolen and the long-term adoption of any protocol has been threatened.

Because of the several high-profile smart contract and protocol vulnerabilities that have occurred in the 2020–2021 timeframe, security is more crucial than ever.

Unfortunately, many decentralized and layer-two initiatives do not go through the process of smart contract and protocol audits. When it comes to the implementation of new features and functionalities, however, Anomus places a high value on thoroughly auditing the Anomus token smart contract and the content platform.

The Anomus development team firmly believes that security must be a key concern to ensure a bright future. Because of this, Anomus is taking a strong position in confirming the safety of its smart contracts and protocols.

💰 Earn and Spend Anomus Tokens

Fact-checkers and annotators will play a key role in the Anomus content ecosystem, scouring the platform for false news, unsubstantiated claims, and content creators to question them. Anomus tokens may also be earned by producers and fact-checkers who contribute to making the platform more balanced and well-rounded.

The native Anomus token will let the community share ownership of the platform and create a broad, complex governance structure that rewards users for their contributions and directly affects the development of the protocol.

To engage in community voting and governance choices, Anomus tokens will be necessary. All bounty and incentive programs will be priced in Anomus tokens. In any decentralized system, the native Anomus coin serves as the focal point and medium of exchange for all transactions.

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Mr. Anomus

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.