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Mr. Anomus
4 min readJan 30, 2022

Censorship of the free flow of information is practiced by powerful government, private, or even social justice mob figures. It’s no longer rare to restrict freedom of expression and bar people from using social media networks.

Anyone may become a reporter and post material on the internet using the Anomus decentralized protocol. Interaction with the material, annotations, competing viewpoints, facts challenged by the author, false news flags, and other features are all available to the community.

📰 Transparency of News Today

The right and availability of knowledge are essential preconditions for a civil society. Maintaining public awareness, policing elected officials, and preserving the status quo are all very important. News organisations and sources of information have been losing trust in the previous several years.

The number of news sources has exploded in our digital era, with the great majority of them available at the touch of a mouse. The issue of authority becomes critical when there is essentially no barrier to entry and anybody who knows how to design a website may establish an online news portal.

As a result, there are no universal authorities or trustworthy persons who are trusted by all segments of society, including the left/right, old/new, men/women, and so on, and who have a long-standing record of delivering accurate information. Is everyone now fighting against each other in every aspect of their lives? It seems so. There is a clear correlation between the news and social media and the rise of tribalism throughout the globe.

💫 The Anomus Platform’s Foundational Elements

The Anomus platform is built on basic principles to be followed and embraced to achieve its objective and attract truth-seeking people and entities from all over the globe, just like journalists have a code of ethics to follow. To make decentralization a vital element of society, we firmly believe in the following pillars.


Each party in this tribal society should be allowed to provide their justifications for their side of the issue to establish a middle ground. Complex and contentious issues typically need back-and-forth discussion.

So, to get to the truth, or as near to it as possible, the ANOMUS platform seeks to become a politically and ideologically neutral and inclusive one.

🤝 Trustworthiness

There must be no centralized editor or governing authority that determines what material can and cannot be posted on the platform for the network to remain impartial. Because of the fair and distributed governance processes provided by the blockchain architecture, an authoritarian takeover of the platform or its contents is impossible.

External actors (countries, corrupt groups, or government agencies) will have no ability to block information from propagating or altering the broadcasted narrative on the platform, and neither will the platform’s internal members.

🗣 The Rights To Express

Preserving the right to express one’s thoughts and ideas is vitally essential. Silencing ‘wrong’ beliefs indoctrinate society, stiffens it, and makes it more difficult for the truth to be presented to the public. Everyone has the freedom to express themselves, so long as they don’t threaten or incite violence towards the object of their criticism.

Topics, subjects, related material, and other conversations will all be sorted on the platform using separate flairs, but they will not be excluded. The platform’s foundation is built on the principle of free speech and expression. It’s becoming more important for society to have a safe and secure forum where those who want to question the status quo may do so.

🪙 Use of Anomus Tokens

Sharing ownership of the platform and creating a diversified, multi-faceted governance structure is made possible by the native Anomus token, which will reward contributors and influence protocol development.

To engage in community voting and governance choices, Anomus tokens will be necessary for all transactions inside the ecosystem. The native Anomus coin will be the focus of attention and the local medium of trade, as is the case with any decentralized system.

🎭Discover The Truths With Anomus Community

For individuals who believe in an uncensored world, Anomus will provide the ideal venue for candid and truthful information. We are a group of enthusiasts who believe that the ideal society would be one where almost everyone commits to a few basic principles such as civility and acceptance for others.

This failed structure should be reformed on Anomus’s anti-free speech and anti-press principles. Join our official Telegram channel at https://t.me/anomuspublic to discover more about the Anomus project and how you can become a part of it. 👥



Mr. Anomus

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.