News Publishers Are Corrupt. Why? 🧠

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4 min readFeb 9, 2022

An informed society must have the right and ability to get hands-on knowledge. Sustaining raising attention, monitoring elected representatives, and protecting the established order are all essential. However, over the past several years, public confidence in our news media and institutions as a whole has dwindled.

There are a growing number of news sources available, most of which can be accessed online with only a few mouse clicks. An overabundance of people isn’t always a good thing. Anyone with the technical know-how to develop a website may launch an online news portal, which raises the issue of authority.

For the first time in recent memory, there are no universal authorities or reputable persons who can be trusted to provide accurate information and who have a lengthy history of doing so, regardless of political affiliation, age, or gender. Everyone now seems to be a member of a team competing with the ‘others’ on every issue. The news, as well as social media, have a direct influence on separatism is on the increase all around the world.

Sources Of Information are Influenced ℹ️

Often, the tales we’re given are slanted in favor of a specific goal, designed to get us to purchase things, support political candidates, and so on. A variety of aliases, social media accounts, and website-based newspapers may be used to generate and distribute the material. Outsourcing news reporting rather than conducting it in-house is becoming more common among vendors, raising concerns about the quality of fact-checking and due diligence done before republishing items.

A person’s viewpoint is becoming less valuable because of his or her lineage and more valuable because of their influence. The one that gets the most attention tends to be the one that has the most money to spend on advertising. The disclosure accompanying sponsored material is unusual.

It’s very uncommon for the same incident to be covered under two or more opposed headlines, depending on the political leniency of the publisher or the geographic area.

There is a Shady Underbelly to the News Media 📰

It is not unusual for the shareholders of some news sources and publishers to have conflicts of interest. For example, they tend to defend their core constituents and investors and discredit their adversaries.

The interests of shareholders and the personal fights of CEOs might take precedence over genuinely reporting events. In the past, the job of a journalist was associated with values like integrity, openness, and truthfulness, all of which are more rare in today’s reporting.

Many individuals influence the narrative, including SJW mobs of people who use ideology to define what social standards are acceptable and unacceptable. Non-conformists are harassed, bullied, and threatened by these social mobs to force them to conform to their views. This kind of social horde is growing in strength as “moral rights”-based phenomena like the “cancel culture” take root and spread.

The Right to Free Expression is Being Curtailed 🗣

SJWs and other public campaigns like this one tend to harass anyone who doesn’t agree with their philosophy, even those in positions of authority. But that’s only the beginning of the story. Many authoritarian and technocratic governments throughout the world are doing all in their power to spread disinformation about human rights abuses and other crimes that are taking place in their countries.

Similar but with broader roots and harsher consequences for the people are undemocratic governments’ restrictions of free speech. The patterns are the same, no matter where you go in the world. It’s very uncommon for those who are ready to speak out to face harsh sanctions, incarceration, and even death for doing so. Falsified and meticulously censored pro-regime news is the only purpose of the local press in such areas.

Is Anomus The Antidote to Fake News? 🧪

It is a 100% decentralized news protocol that provides the globe with access to equitably dispersed information. There is no geographic, political, or religious restriction on anyone who may become a news publisher on the site. Freedom of expression and freedom of the press take precedence over any other considerations.

It’s up to the readers to decide whether or not they want to engage with the material by voting, rating, or sharing it with their friends. Readers have complete freedom of interpretation since anybody may post whatever they choose. Platform users have the option of subscribing to certain writers, promoting specific pieces of content, and taking on challenges.

Everyone can start saying ‘NO’ to fake news with Anomus. Feel free to find out more about us at as well as our official telegram group, It’s fairly uncommon for community members and industry experts to give annotations to help extend the content of an article, as well as competing viewpoints and links to other articles on the same topic or issue.



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