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4 min readFeb 11, 2022


There has been an increase in the prevalence of “fake news,” or untrue material, in the context of Internet-based media. Research on its origins, qualities, and impacts has taken place across a broad variety of academic fields. It’s important to know what lies are included in fake news so that we can better separate them from the actual thing. Others are concerned with the vulnerability of users — why they fall for fake news and how to guard against it. As a result, they both aim to help people better understand the media and avoid being misled by it.

Here Comes The Saviour: Anomus 🎭

Anyone may become a reporter and post material to the internet using the Anomus decentralized protocol. The community may engage with the article by adding annotations, challenging the author’s facts, flagging false news, and a host of other capabilities.

Every piece of material on the site is coined and backed by an NFT, which means it will never be banned and will stay on the blockchain for eternity. It’s what the world is begging for: a fair news platform run by smart contracts and individuals who believe in actual news. Anomus is exactly what the world needs.

How Does Anomus Work? ⚙️

It is a 100% decentralized news protocol that provides the globe with equal access to news. Anyone on the platform may post news, regardless of where they live, what political or religious beliefs they have, or anything else. First and foremost is the freedom to write and speak one’s mind.


In the Anomus platform, there will be no political agenda or body that will approve particular material or debate. All protocol updates and integrations will originate from the community and must be authorized by a vote by the governing board. Changes to Anomus may only be made by a majority of its token holders and stakeholders. The Vox Populi will always be the ultimate source of authority.

Open To Everyone 📖

As a platform for news and information, it is designed to allow everyone to engage, regardless of political or religious views, race, country, or gender to do so.

Fake News Can’t Stand Up To This

Fake news will be more difficult to spread on the platform because each publisher will have to stake a certain amount of Anomus tokens (which will be higher for new publishers with a decreasing stake algorithm for reputable correspondents) that can be confiscated if the community finds the article to be intentionally misleading, factually incorrect, or ideologically motivated.

Ownership Supported By The NFT

An NFT token will be attached to each piece of content on the protocol as proof of ownership and validity. Any time an address is typed in, the whole publication history of that address may be seen. Plagiarism, historical prejudice, content topics, and connections may be verified by any author. Publishers can acquire published NFTs so that they may begin acquiring online expertise on particular themes and regions of political or intellectual debate. It is now possible to own and trace the origins of one’s ideas thanks to Anomus.

The Right To Remain Unknown 👥

It’s totally up to you whether or not you want to reveal your identity. Every person’s right to privacy is respected by Anomus, which stands by its name. The public key linked with each account will be used to record all on-chain transactions. However, any publisher, fact-checker, reader, and user on the site will be able to use an alias, nickname, or name. Some users may opt for the latter strategy to cultivate a fan base and establish their brand.

Join Anomus as Author and Earn NFTs 🤝

You may create, format, and publish material on Anomus as an author. Writing, editing, and publishing material will be a breeze with the platform’s user-friendly interface. Publishers will be able to utilize all the traditional tools and formatting sections to deliver their material in a user-friendly manner.

An NFT-backed certificate of ownership will also be sent to the author. To verify the authenticity of the author’s work, each piece of content will be coined as an NFT and placed into the publisher’s wallet. The web3.0 wallet will allow for the sale or transfer of editing and publication rights. This is the pinnacle of simplicity and comfort.

Final Words 🗣

It has become more difficult to distinguish true and fair information from propaganda because of the ever-increasing volume of information. An antidote against misleading news and propaganda is Anomus. Sign up for Anomus now by visiting the website at Also, do read the Anomus whitepaper on to learn more about the project.



Mr. Anomus

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.