How Can Anomus Content Remain Forever On The Blockchain?🧐

Mr. Anomus
4 min readJan 27, 2022

It has become more important for everyone to have access to accurate information in this digital age, which has become a scarce commodity in an era when technology has made reporting easier and more accessible. These days, anybody from anywhere in the world may post whatever they want without fear of censorship or verification. A similar goal is to keep investors pleased, which is why the big media networks have a political and economic agenda.🤫

1️⃣One of a Kind Blockchain News Protocol

Anomus is a 100% decentralized news protocol that provides the globe with access to equitably dispersed news. Anyone on the site may post news, regardless of their location, political affiliation, or religious beliefs. First and foremost is the freedom to write and speak one’s mind.🌐

It’s up to the readers to decide whether or not they want to engage with the material by voting, rating, or sharing it with their friends. Because anybody may write whatever they want, readers are free to interpret it any way they choose. Users may choose which writers to follow, what material to promote, and what to challenge on the platform. Community members and industry professionals may submit annotations to widen the breadth of the article or present opposing perspectives to grow the base and connect articles with other published pieces in terms of the general theme or issue or any other ways.

Publishers are free to use a pseudonym backed by a blockchain address or to remain anonymous. As a result of producing high-quality material, you may gain more badges and levels, as well as earn more rewards and expand your following.

There will be fact-checkers and annotators on the Anomus platform who will comb the platform for false information and unsubstantiated claims, as well as confront content creators. Anomus tokens will be awarded to fact-checkers and producers alike for their efforts to improve the platform’s quality, balance, and comprehensiveness.✅

🤷‍♂️How Anomus Manages Its Material To be Kept on the Blockchain Forever?

It’s one of the most significant components of the Anomus platform to be able to develop a long-term relationship with all of one’s own material, as well as all of one’s interactions with the content of other authors, via the ability to acquire platform-localized reputation and credibility.🗞

Accountability is lacking on modern social media platforms. You can easily distribute information to those in your social circle, but you have no way of verifying the accuracy of that information. Although it is common knowledge that you have read the article, it is not always clear whether you understand its substance or if just portions of it are palatable to you. That’s how bogus news is spread by bot accounts and online trolls.

Other journalistic malpractices such as free speech restriction, fact manipulation, and censorship are becoming the new normal. This is not the way a society should operate. We are adamant that we can and must improve.📌

A decentralized protocol like Anomus makes it possible for anybody to become a journalist and post material to the world. The community can engage with the material, add annotations, challenge the author’s facts, flag for false news, and several other features.

Because each piece of content on the site is backed by an NFT and issued specifically for the blockchain, it can never be removed. Anomus provides a fair news platform managed by smart contracts and individuals who believe in true news that the global community longs for.💯

📝Closing Words

It has become more difficult to distinguish true and fair information from propaganda because of the ever-increasing volume of information. Anomus is an antidote against misinformation and propaganda. A fully decentralized news protocol is available to the whole planet. Regardless of one’s location, religion, or political beliefs, anybody may access and upload material on the site. News, according to Anomus, is a basic human right, and it will all begin with him.

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For those who believe in a world without any censorship, Anomus will be the perfect platform for honest and transparent information. We are founded by a group of enthusiasts where our ideal world would be one in which everyone adheres to a few simple values, such as tolerance and respect for others. This failing system should be rebuilt on Anomus ideas, which are antithetical to free speech and the press. Join our official discord channel at if you want to learn more about the Anomus and become a part of this amazing project.



Mr. Anomus

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.