Here Are 6 Principles For Successful Communication With The Community And The Way We See Addressing Them In Anomus 🗣

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4 min readFeb 6, 2022

It is difficult to navigate through social media, political or ideologically motivated tribalist movements, and other similar obstacles. To go through everything that is placed on the internet, no centralized entity can afford to pay enough fact-checkers and validators. It’s the classic Sisyphean dilemma: the task will never be completed since the quantity of information being exchanged is increasing exponentially.

The only option that ensures equitable content distribution and decentralization of freedom of expression — the users, publishers, and content consumers who make up the Anomus content system provide the system’s backbone. Because of this, Anomus is working to bring together all essential ecosystem components via community activities until a critical mass of content creators, quality checkers, and readers has been attained.

The team behind the Anomus protocol has chosen to remain secret and will only be responsible for the initial setup of the platform, allowing the remainder to be managed by the community in the future. Anomus is concerned with honesty and the voice of the people, rather than personal gain. We firmly think that the varied and worldwide community should decide the direction of news in today’s environment.

The 6 Principles For Successful Communication

Anomus’s content platform will allow users to build up a reputation and credibility particular to the platform while also establishing a long-term connection to all of the material they’ve created (through an address) and all of the interactions they’ve had with the work of other writers.

There is a distinct absence of accountability in today’s social media platforms. It is quite simple for you to distribute news to her social circle, but you have no method of verifying the accuracy of the information. In most cases, it is not even known if you have read the piece or merely the title, whether you comprehend the substance therein, or whether you simply agree with the whole article or only portions thereof. That is the method through which bot accounts and online trolls spread false information. It is necessary to change the present situation.

How? Individual accounts and layers are added to the system, as well as weights and layers (addresses). Blockchain is the ideal technology for this.

#1. Weighted Posting and Distribution Strategy ♟

Active writers will benefit from an algorithmic spread that rewards those who consistently submit material that has been verified and receives a large number of views and read-throughs, which aren’t only counted in clicks but also in time spent reading and scrolling through the content.

#2. Distribution Coefficients Time-Locking ⏰

You’ll not only get points based on how much you submit but how long you spend browsing other writers or engaging in discussion threads or recommending changes and annotations to the stuff you’ve already contributed.

#3. Accreditation Based on a Certain Topic 📰

After a while, when specific subjects and regions of conversation have become well-established, reputation will likewise have a field orientation. Niche competence badges will be necessary to classify writers and structure reputation since authors and fact-checkers cannot be well-versed and skilled in every area.

#4. Annotations Help To Improve Things 📈

There are always ways to make a good article even better. New facts are emerging, new realities are being disclosed, and old narratives are being discredited. Human knowledge is an ever-expanding capacity that constantly re-evaluates evidence.

#5. The Bias Tuples

Multi-sided content displays on difficult issues, such as the use of bias tuples, allow readers to see the issue through the eyes of several viewpoints, resulting in a variety of perspectives on the same issue. Readers may then weigh the pros and cons of various points of view, look into the arguments put out by many writers, and make an informed decision on what to believe.

#6. Graphs of Insights 👁

Anomus will offer rewards for connecting content pieces in terms of semantics, subjects, individuals, and many other factors. A user looking at one topic would be able to find related information by using linkages to connect several topics.

Final Words ✓

Theoretically, a slew of approaches to improving information flow inside the Anomus platform may be put into practice. To prevent cyberbullying, exploitation, and abuse, all techniques must be thoroughly verified and calibrated. Anomus usually begins with a simple structure and works its way up via iterations and community votes.

It takes time and effort to build a platform for fair and scattered information, but it’s well worth the effort. Those who believe in the Anomus purpose and want to help create it together are urged to use social media to spread the word. Join the community now at and the official discord channel at



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Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.