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4 min readNov 11, 2021

When you think about how traditional news reports on daily instances or breaking news, it could become tiresome to try to navigate the different directions they are trying to take. This rings especially true during events and situations where absolute truth and confidence in your news source is necessary. Between having to scroll through different news sources, websites, and social media platforms, where does it end? UNESCO writes that “the widespread use of social media in the region is both fascinating and scary — with information bombarding us constantly, it has become harder to filter the content.”

What could be the solution to this problem? A decentralized news source.

A decentralized news source means that we are able to forego these problems of having to always check every news channel and website for information since Anomus has figured out a way to do just that. Because of our decentralized nature, we do not follow any agenda. Therefore, our fact-checked approved writers allow you to be able to confidently trust that the news is coming from truth and honesty: a notion that cannot be said by mainstream news outlets. What exactly can Anomus offer that the other news sites cannot?


The new generation’s problem, as UNESCO writes, is being “able to distinguish between reliable information and fake news while navigating this flood of information, it is urgent to develop critical thinking.” This exhausting problem is solved by our platform through governance.

That is the main problem with news sites today: It is owned by one entity, whereas Anomus is owned by the community. Governance is something those mainstream news outlets do not have because Anomus is decentralized. This means that our community votes on what they deem to be correct. Anything voted fake will be sent to the quarantine section of our news site — but not deleted. We don’t believe in censoring your words, we believe in what the community believes to be true, and just because Anomus exists to make sure that free speech is always encouraged.

When your news company is owned by one person or entity, that means the views and opinions of that entity are pushed and encouraged. We want to actively encourage the true and real thoughts of our community of writers and voters, and only through governance is that possible.


In those corporate or government news stations, there is nothing keeping them from stretching the truth. The Library of Northwestern Arkansas Community College reported that over 50% of the people surveyed believed that mainstream news outlets were reporting fake news either most of the time or sometimes.

So, what is stopping them from releasing any news that they want? Nothing. But on our platform, through our governance system will writers be incentivized to publish true news stories because that is how they develop a good reputation. We also allow for monetization, meaning that as long as a writer’s reputation is strong, the chances of earning money as an independent journalist are high.

Free speech

This is absolutely something that is not upheld for traditional news outlets or traditional platforms, which are backed — more often than not financially — by one agenda. How can you properly differentiate between the truth and the thoughts of a higher entity backed by money or power?

Our most important upside to our news outlets is that you have the right to write about whatever you want. Even if your articles are constantly pushed to our quarantine section, there will always be a spot for them and an audience that will read the work. As said previously, we are not interested in censoring you, we are interested only in the truth and giving people an outlet to post that truth.

Final thoughts

Our platform is backed by big names in the industry such as Niel Strauss, Arweave Blockchain, Holochain, and Polygon, so you know that our message and efforts have not gone unnoticed. Anomus is granting writers and readers the rights that traditional news outlets do not: the right to true free speech, governance, and incentives that keep the truth always on the forefront and not pushed aside. A right that everyone should have.



Mr. Anomus

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.