“ANOMUS”: The First Decentralized News Network

By the People, For the People

In this digital age, access to correct information has been vital to everyone, becoming a rare commodity in an age where the availability of technology opened the floodgates of reporting due to its ease and accessibility. Today, anyone can write something from anywhere without any censorship or corroboration. In the same way, major media networks have political and economic agendas to maintain and keep investors happy.

Anomus offers a simple and clever solution; following the principles of decentralization, it provides a method of community-driven verification that rewards authentic authors who report unbiased facts and punishes plagiarism and fake information spammers.

Everything in this world has to be balanced in a harmonious equilibrium. DeFi came to offer an alternative to mainstream finances. In the same way, Anomus is the natural evolution that came to fill the space surrounding mainstream news reporting; it is here not because of forceful existence but because of the people’s desperate need to access factual information.

What Makes Anomus Stand Out?

Decentralization of Anomus offers no restrictive measures to content since it does not aim to please hidden investors or any part of society that uses media as a means to an end. A decentralized reporting platform is nevertheless not a new concept. Forums offer the same idea, albeit their shortcomings since anyone can post anything without corroboration, making them a terrible example since they promote FUD, spread fake news, and biased information. Anomus takes the positive side of decentralized characteristics and combines it with other features to provide the world with a concrete method of overcoming the negative aspects of decentralization.

Anomus provides a transparent methodology to encourage and incentivize the creation of factual information using a simple “Carrot & Stick” system by rewarding authors who report unbiased facts and punishing those who don’t. A system that worked for hundreds of years and will continue to work in the distant future. Here is how it works:

  1. The author’s reputation is an essential factor to consider, be it in real life or shrouded in anonymity. Anomus abides by the same principles. Authors with established reputations will be required to stake less with every new article so long as they maintain their reputation as honest authors who abide by the Anomus principles. Fact-checkers will scour the system looking for recent articles to evaluate and greenlight, scrutinizing the article for facts and authenticity, which adds a layer of validation to the author’s trustworthiness and gives a chance to the community to participate in the validation or refusal of said facts.
  2. Authors who plagiarize or attempt to spread false/biased information will find themselves losing their staked amounts, costing them for their attempt. It is safe to say that if such authors continue to do so will be considered as an attempt to dig a deeper hole since their required staking for each article will increase with every piece of information that violates the principles of Anomus. Hence the stick.

It is time for mainstream media to step aside with their attempts at spoon-feeding the public with the information that they deem “newsworthy” — simply put, it is not their god-given right, nor is it our decision to be treated this way. The world deserves to know the truth, and we are currently on the cusp of establishing our way of achieving that — ” Veritas Omnia Vincit ” / “Truth Conquers All.”




Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.

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Mr. Anomus

Mr. Anomus

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.

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