ANOMUS Announces Partnership With Maven Capital

Mr. Anomus
2 min readOct 26, 2021

Anomus has been gaining traction lately with multiple strategic partnership announcements. Today Anomus announces yet another strategic partnership with Maven Capital, an incubator that supports blockchain projects in the early stages.

This partnership will continue to reinforce the project’s development and its imminent launch.

Recently Anomus has gained the interest and support of many investors and strategic partners such as:

About Maven Capital

Maven Capital analyzes the market and identifies creative blockchain projects that show prospects for growth and success; incubating and supporting them in their early stages of development. Maven Capital believes in supporting the industry to revolutionize the crypto and blockchain space.

Maven Capital supports its partners by providing social media awareness by utilizing their networks, influencer outreach, and offering advisory and editorial support.

The company has a large portfolio of projects that Maven Capital incubates, such as:

  • OMNI
  • Parastate
  • Unbound Finance
  • Envoy
  • Firestarter
  • Revolve Games
  • Vent Finance

About Anomus

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created to make news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again. It aims to create a medium where publishers can preserve their work in blockchains where it will become permanently recorded and available worldwide while protecting the publisher’s intellectual property rights and ownership. The system will reward publishers, auditors (Fact-Checkers), and readers for participation.

The Anomus project aims to be self-governed through several mechanics to allow every work to be audited and verified by the community.

The Anomus project will utilize the permaweb to ensure that all published articles remain accessible at all time

Anomus will feature:

  • A censorship-free environment that encourages free speech
  • Autonomous, community-governed platform
  • Reward system for publishers, fact-checkers, and readers
  • Content preservation through blockchain and permaweb technology

Join Anomus today by signing up on the website.

To find more information about the Anomus project, please read the whitepaper.



Mr. Anomus

Anomus is a decentralized news protocol for the world. It’s created with the aim of making news reporting fair, unbiased, and balanced again.